Made with real natural stone and slates, with all the character and beauty of traditional stone tiles.
Ultra-thin, light and flexible. It can be moulded and wrapped around columns and walls.

Designed and created in Germany.  

Slate Veneer:
The material:

Q: Is the top surface completely natural and does the pattern repeat?

A: The top surface is completely natural just like traditional stone and slate tiles. The pattern will repeat if it repeats in the block of slate the sheets are processed from.

Q: What is on the back of the slate to make this format possible?

A: On the back of the slate is a special mix of fibre glass and polyester resins which enable our product to be strong, thin, flexible and light weight.

Q: Is Slate veneer ok to use as flooring and wall covering?

A: Our Slate veneer sheets can be used for any internal wall application. For internal flooring it has a PE2 rating which means they are suitable for bathroom floors and general low to medium usage residential living areas. They are not suitable for heavy usage floor areas.

Q: Can Slate veneer be used in a shower enclosure or wet room?

A: It can be used in wet rooms and shower enclosure, but it is important to tank the room before fixing the Slate veneer sheets to ensure the area is water proofed.

Q: Is the Slate veneer fire retardant and can the material be used as a fire place or cladding around an AGA?

A: It is fire resistant up to 120 degrees. It is also possible to make the veneer fire retardant to European standards Cd0s3 at an additional cost. It can be used near an AGA and as part of a fire place but not directly under a log burning stove.